Bulk Products

At MSM we are carving out our place as the go-to trendsetter in custom cosmetic development. Maintaining a fine balance between art and technology, we inspire and create product for globally renowned beauty brands that are looking for the ideal partner in the creation and execution of innovative, high quality product. We offer an unparalleled array of turnkey services including but not limited to, Product Development, R&D development, QA/QC services, Client services and manufacturing solutions.

We have capability of providing a wide range of makeup and skincare products. At MSM we firmly believe our employees are the critical driver to the success of our business.

our strategies are simple: To have the best innovation, best execution and service, best speed-to-market and best people. We support each of these strategies with investments that allow our company to grow along with the increasing sophistication of our customers. At the foundation of these strategies is an undying commitment to the highest quality standards and a healthy, safe place to work.

Delivering state of the art products ranging from Prestige to Mass and everything in between, we are aligned with your goal of delivering the most outstanding products to the marketplace. Whatever your concept, whatever your vision, MSM is your partner every step of the way from initial inspiration to innovative creation and flawless delivery.

  1. Foundations (steak, liquid, powder)
  2. Nail products
  3. Lip products (steaks, glosses)
  4. Eye products (mascara, eye shadow, eye liner)
  5. Cream bases